Lean & green certified companies in Luxembourg

Economy and Ecology are interlinked and if you want to reduce your ecological footprint as well as your expenses, we invite you to join the LEAN & GREEN Programme and the LEAN & GREEN Club. The Cluster for Logistics coordinates the international programme in Luxembourg which aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of logistics activities by at least 20 percent in 5 years. This is a project in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Transport.

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LEAN and GREEN is an international stimulation programme for businesses and authorities, implemented by Connekt: a Dutch non-profit network for sustainable mobility. It aims to encourage businesses and government bodies to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that do not only yield cost savings, but reduce the burden on the environment at the same time. The LEAN and GREEN label was launched in Luxembourg on June 25th 2014. A third party audits the Sustainable Logistics Label, making sure it withstands the requirements of authenticity needed in Europe.

Enovos Enoprimes

Eligible for Energy Efficiency scheme (EED and Règlement Grand-Ducal EEO):

Energy savings in transport and logistics initiated by an energy supplier within the LAG action plan qualify for the energy savings scheme, according to the Luxembourg implementation of the European Energy Savings Directive (EED). There is currently no guarantee for incentives: in case of applicable incentives, they should be covered by a separate contract with an energy supplier before implementing any energy savings measures.

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What's in for you:

  • One programme - multiple advantages: The programme is compatible with sustainable requirements like Objectif CO2 (France) and can be a gateway to comply with existing or upcoming mandatory regulations. This programme helps you to get in line with the objectives like COP 22 and labels like Iso 14001 or EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).
  • Savings mean savings: Reducing your emissions by 20% is not only an ecological action but provides also financial benefits. By joining the movement, you automatically make your process leaner and reduce your costs.
  • You cannot enhance what you do not measure: The programme enables you to get an overview of your transport and logistics processes and your ecological footprint. By following our calculation methods, you will learn how much CO2 you produce - and how you can reduce that. 
  • Wide recognition: The label is broadly recognized while the programme itself is now available in 16 countries in Europe and North America: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden (pilot project), Canada and the United States of America. Companies that have achieved the Lean & Green 1 Star level can also join the Europe-wide programme. Lean & Green International supports the incorporation of various national sustainability programs into an international label.
  • Find new solutions and collaboration possibilities: After achieving your programme and receiving the star label, the key to further excellence are collaborative projects. One star-labeled companies are capable to look together for new ways to enhance their savings even further.
  • Stronger together: Instead of working out how to reduce your emissions by yourself, we provide solutions in a community approach. Next to the individual support, common workgroups bring together all the actors to learn from each other. While every company has different requirements and challenges, it is possible to find new solutions by broadening your point of view.
  • Enhanced customer acquisition: You can differentiate yourself from lowcost competitors who show no concern for environmental questions by providing this genuine ecolabel to your existing and potential customers. Shippers expect sustainable services and are increasingly refraining to work with companies that have no or low standards.
  • The network always wins: The LEAN & GREEN family spans now over 550 members. When you participate, you can access this community to find new solutions and solution providers. 


The forerunners in Luxembourg

The first four companies to win the award in May 2015 were Arthur Welter, CFL multimodal, LuxairCargo and Post. New companies are joining the label every year and companies already in the program reach new star-levels in the program. All companies in the porgram in Luxembourg are depicted in the table below.

  L&G Award L&G 1 Star L&G 2 Stars





Arthur Welter

CFL multimodal

Offergeld Logistik

Post Luxembourg


Retailer & Distribution Centers De Verband





Luxport Group


Industry Shippers



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L&G Europe introduced in Luxembourg

The program ambassadors CHEP, AB Inbev, HP, Heineken and Unilever launched the programme, dedicated to transborder collaboration in Europe. As from 1 July 2016, companies can achieve their Lean & Green Award for sustainable logistics at a European level, eventually aiming at five Lean & Green Stars for zero emissions in logistics. 

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Join the Club

The sponsors of the award ceremony 2016 Goldbeck, Goodyear and ProGROUP are also founding partners of the new Club LEAN and GREEN launched by the Manager for Logistics Cluster, Mr Malik Zeniti. The new club is open to all companies that want to enhance their ecological footprint. The club is aimed to help participants and service providers to share best practices, i.e.: tire usage, alternative fuels, multimodal projects or transport optimisation systems.

For more information about the Club do not hesitate to contact us via Phone : +352 42 39 39 848

Over 600 companies in Europe

The Ministry of Sustainable development and the Cluster for Logistics collaborates with Logistics in Wallonia for the implementation of the Label for logistics companies in Luxembourg. If a Luxembourg-based company can demonstrate through an action plan that it will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time, it becomes eligible for the LEAN and GREEN Award. Informative documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Initiated in the Netherlands in 2008 by the agency Connekt, the LEAN and GREEN phenomenon now concerns more than 600 companies in the European Union. This label is becoming an essential European recognition and welcomes the proactive companies in protecting the environment. Connekt is a Dutch non-profit network for sustainable mobility. It aims to encourage businesses foster innovation in Green Logistics, by taking measures that not only yield cost savings, but at the same time reduce the burden on the environment.

The project is continually growing in Europe as you can see on


The Cluster for Logistics centralizes the information and subcontracts part of the project to the company Dart. The programme is accessible to any logistics company. Workshops and meetings shall help companies to work out a sound reduction plan. The company Dart, represented by Nicolas Rigo, has the mandate to evaluate the plans.

The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg is the fifth European chapter allowed to award the ecological label LEAN and GREEN. Max Nilles of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Charles Gosselin of the Cluster for Logistics and Nico Anten, Managing director of the Dutch agency Connekt signed the agreement in order to encourage logistics businesses to move to a higher level of sustainability.

If you are interested in joining the initiative or require more information, please contact the Cluster for Logistics via mail or phone.

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