Energy Efficiency Directive and LEAN & GREEN

Energy savings in transport and logistics initiated by an energy supplier within the LAG action plan can qualify for the energy savings scheme, according to the Luxembourg implementation of the European Energy Savings Directive (EED). Applicable incentives have to be covered by a separate contract with an energy supplier before implementing any energy savings measures.

  • Energy reductions in Transport are now eligible according to the updated "Règlement grand-ducal du 16 mai 2019 modifiant le règlement grand-ducal du 7 août 2015 relatif au fonctionnement du mécanisme d’obligations en matière d’efficacité énergétique"

ENOPRIMES in Transport

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Modified Law:

Additional EED info from Myenergy:

Infographie Mécanisme d'obligation:

  • A dedicated guide defines the eligible measures in the EEO framework, worked on by the Ministry of Sustainable development, the Ministry for Energy and the Cluster for Logistics with its partner DART

Download the guide (FR)

  • The guide includes information on 10 different eligible measures
    • Modal Rebalancing
    • Automatic speed limitation
    • Pressure control on tires
    • Reduced rolling resistance tires
    • Aerodynamics Measures
    • Start & Stop installation
    • LNG/CNG use
    • Electric mobility
    • Fleet renewal
    • Fleet maintenance